The Value of Medical Assistants for Your Practice

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With a critical shortage of healthcare workers across the U.S., medical assistants often step up and handle clinical and administrative work that keeps a practice running smoothly. They oversee the waiting room, handle paperwork, and interface with vendors. Medical assistants also prepare exam rooms, measure vital signs, and record medical histories. Their support allows you to focus on the most important part of your job: direct patient care.

Medical Assistants Reduce Workload

Whether you’re a hospital administrator, department head, or physician in charge of your own practice, you can have medical assistants take important responsibilities off your plate. They handle administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments and filing insurance claims. They take inventory, restock supplies, and deal with vendors so you don’t have to. And they serve as your communication hub, being a liaison to patients, families, insurance companies, pharmacists, and specialists.

Medical Assistants Improve Patient Care

Because medical assistants can take routine tasks off your plate, you can give your full attention to more serious patient issues and diagnoses. Medical assistants also follow up with patients to make sure they understand and adhere to doctors’ orders. And they ensure that medical histories are up to date and accurate to reduce medical errors. When they prep exam rooms and sterilize equipment, they help to keep patients safe and eliminate the danger of cross contamination.

Another way medical assistants improve care is to educate and coach patients. Research shows that when medical assistants take on the role of health coach, they help patients achieve and maintain healthy lifestyles. Well-trained medical assistants also provide compassion and understanding to patients which is also linked to improved patient outcomes.

But medical assistants also serve as the doctor’s right-hand person in the exam room, preparing both the patient and the equipment used before the doctor arrives. During the appointment, they can hand the doctor tools and equipment, so they don’t waste time during a procedure. While the doctor heads to the next exam room, medical assistants finish up with patients by answering questions or educating them on proper diet and exercise.

Optimize Your Practice

Your goal is to provide the best care to as many patients as possible to help your practice thrive.  Research shows that medical assistants maximize the amount of patients you see in a day without compromising on the quality of care you provide. They manage patient flow and can increase the productivity of your practice. Your staff can quickly develop a rhythm with your medical assistant that makes the stream of patient care move quickly and efficiently.

Medical Assistants Can Be Flexible

Medical assistants are trained to perform a wide range of responsibilities. They can submit insurance claims like a billing specialist, order supplies like an office assistant, or educate patients like a teacher. And as clinicians, medical assistants can measure vital signs, perform basic wound care, and take and prepare blood samples for lab testing. With multiple medical assistants in your practice, you can assign specific duties to each one. And where one medical assistant leaves off, another can pick up because of their training, knowledge, and flexibility.

How to Find Strong Medical Assistants

How can you find the right medical assistants for your practice? Charter Career Academy offers comprehensive medical assistant training. Our students benefit from fast, flexible, and affordable online programs that can easily fit into their busy lifestyle. Whether you want to up skill existing personnel or are looking for recent medical assistant graduates, fill out the form and we’ll discuss how to partner with us to improve your practice.